O-123 Heat & Darts - Slow cook off, Fast Cook off, shaped charge jet impact - Test results databases

June 2009
Pierre Archambault (Propulsion Technology)

HEAT is a MSIAC database, which reports responses of munitions exposed to thermal threats such as Liquid Fuel/External Fire or Slow Heating and others. It contains detailed data on the tested item response, data used to establish the response, tested item specifics including mitigation devices, and the thermal threat characteristics. It should enable users to compare responses of various energetic materials, munitions, mock-ups or mitigation devices to various thermal stimuli.

DARTS is another MSIAC database, which reports responses of munitions when struck by a shaped charge (SC) jet. It contains detailed data on the tested item, its response, the estimated initiation mechanisms, the SC characteristics and the jet conditioning/mitigation. It should enable users to compare the response of energetic materials, munitions, or mock-ups. It should be especially useful to assess the impact of various parameters such as jet characteristics, case material and/or thickness, explosive shock sensitivity, etc. on the response of munitions.

It is expected that the fully populated databases will be available by the end of 2009. Release date will be announced in the MSIAC Newsletter and posted on the MSIAC secure website.

These two databases will complete the MSIAC IM Tests Results Suite. This suite is a collection of databases containing Fast Cook Off, Slow Cook Off, Bullet Impact, Fragment Impact, Shaped Charge Jet Impact and Sympathetic Reaction test results. All these databases are in an Excel format and are updated on a regular basis.

These databases are available without charge to organisations or individuals from MSIAC Member Nations, and can be downloaded from the MSIAC Weblink Portal (https://www.msiac.nato.int/weblink)

Comments, suggestions and data are more than welcome.

Presentation details

This paper was presented at the IMEMTS2009 held on 11-14 May 2009 at Tucson, AZ, USA