O-107 Safety Assessment Software (SAS)

April 2006
Bernie Halls (Munitions Systems)

Safety Assessment Software (SAS) is a software tool that has been developed by MSIAC staff. The primary goal of SAS is to assist a safety advisor to produce a report which details all the testing requirements to carryout a comprehensive safety assessment of a munition before its introduction into service. However there are some additional uses of SAS which include:

  • Life Cycle Representation;
  • Threat Hazard Representation;
  • Test Requirement Gap analysis between different nations;
  • Up to date Library of associated test specifications;
  • A common approach to testing requirements which may enable industry to do its own testing requirement development and therefore arrive at a position where costing analysis can take place.

This paper presents the methodology applied in SAS, the different screens and the data required for a Safety Assessment Report. Potential uses of SAS are also discussed.

Presentation details

Poster Paper at IMEMTS 2006