O-105 TEMPER: A Toolbox for Engineering Models to Predict Explosive Reactions

April 2006
Emmanuel Lapébie, DGA/DET/CEG, France , Leslie Nyogeri, MOD, UK , Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology)

TEMPER is a "toolbox" of empirical and analytical models dedicated to ammunition safety. Experts can use it in order to aid in the prediction of the response of a munition to a mechanical or a thermal threat. TEMPER main features are:

  • A simple Graphic User Interface (GUI) enabling, from dedicated libraries;:
  • A direct selection of the scenario (Stimulus/ Mitigation/Structure) to be assessed;
  • A direct selection of the model to be run;
  • An automatic compatibility management between the chosen model and the assessed scenario;
  • An ability to perform parametric or stochastic simulations by varying one or two parameters of the problem;
  • An ability to draw curves and save results using an embedded Excel workbook;
  • The possibility to have multiple developers.

This software is made available by France/DGA/CEG to MSIAC nation's experts as an open source, Object-Oriented Programming code in order to allow easy integration of custom models or the enhancement of existing ones.

The objective of this project is to support the use of modeling as the primary method for assessing munitions safety. The ultimate goal is to provide to the community a common tool that could become a reference in the S3 community if models and parameters exchanges between participants to this project go well.

Presentation details

Presented at IMEMTS 2006