O-090 The NIMIC FRAgment Impact Database (FRAID)

August 2004
Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology)

One of the stimuli specified in NATO STANAG 4439 on Insensitive Munitions (IM) requirements, and in the national IM policies of France, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States is fragment impact, or fragment attack.

While most of national and international policies request all up round tests to validate the response of a munition to this threat and in general to IM threats, a methodology using a combination of small-scale testing, modelling and expert analysis has emerged in recent years as a best practice.

To assist the community in developing this methodology, NIMIC staff has gathered information related to fragment impact testing and modeling results. The objective of this paper is to present the NIMIC Fragment Impact Database (FRAID) version 1.3.

This software currently available to the NIMIC member nations provides them with 1000+ fragment impact results on 65+ compositions. It will enable users to compare fragment impact response of various formulations and/or to assess the effect of various variables on response such as fragment shape, fragment orientation, fragment obliquity, confinement thickness...

Presentation details

This paper was presented at the Thirty-First United States Department of Defense Explosives Safety Seminar held on 24-26 August 2004 in San Antonio, TX, USA