O-077 Rev1 NIMIC in a Transition Phase

December 2003
Patrick Touzé (Project Manager)

After a three-year transition period, NIMIC was established in 1991 as an Information and Analysis Center (IAC) dedicated to Insensitive Munitions. Over the years NIMIC has effectively supported the development and implementation of IM technologies.
The NIMIC Nations now see the development and fielding of Insensitive Munitions becoming a normal part of the safety design process. The NATO CNAD Ammunition Safety Group (CASG), also called AC/326, has replaced both AC/258 and AC/310. NIMIC is dedicating part of its resources to help AC/326 advance work on high priority activities.
This paper presents the transition of NIMIC to MSIAC, a transformation NIMIC is currently conducting to adapt to these major changes.

Presentation details

This paper was presented at PARARI 2003 held on 29-31 October 2003 at Rydges, Canberra, Australia