O-062 Highlights and Achievements of the NIMIC since November 1999

October 2001
Dr Peter R. Lee (Project Manager)

NIMIC has grown by three nations since 1999, Denmark, Sweden and Finland. They are already enriching the NIMIC's databases. A new 3-5 year Strategy Plan was developed in 1999-2000, based upon national inputs and the requirements of the 10 member nations at the time. This has proved very useful in development of the measurement of the value of the NIMIC's work to the nations. It also provides a valuable framework upon which to cost and plan technically future activities.

NIMIC answered 165 questions from customers in 2000, it conducted two major workshops and issued some 15 reports. Other output includes proprietary software, such as THAMES 2000, the Energetic Materials Compendium and Mitigation Methods for Munitions and the reports from the workshops. As a consequence of the workshops, follow-up meetings are held to maintain the momentum of advance of the technology, thus adding value to the outcomes of the workshops.

The acquisition, assessment and accession of new data are continually being refined. The NIMIC expects to have the capability in 2003 of managing a paperless operation as far as these three activities are concerned, which are at the core of database enhancement.

Presentation details

This paper was presented at the NDIA 2001-IMEMTS EUROMURAT Symposium held in Bordeaux, France from 8 to 11 October 2001.