O-058 Synopsis of the Small-scale Testing and Modelling Workshop

August 2000
Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods), Dr Michael W. Sharp (Energetic Materials)

The NIMIC organised a workshop under the title "Small-scale Testing and Modelling", which was held at the Four Points Hotel, Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA from the 24th to 28th January 2000. The aim of the workshop was to improve the understanding of the mechanisms of initiation and the prediction of the response of munitions to thermomechanical threats by using small-scale testing and modelling. The workshop brought experts in the testing and modelling communities together to discuss how smallscale tests and models could be applied and developed to assist in the IM assessment of munitions. Gaining greater confidence in the ability to understand and, as a consequence, reduce the hazard associated with munitions continues to be of considerable importance to the IM community, striving towards reducing weapon vulnerability. This paper summarises the conclusions and recommendations reached by the workshop attendees.

Presentation details

This paper was presented to the 29th department of Defense Explosives Safety Seminar held at the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana on 18-20 July 2000

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