O-055 The NIMIC Contribution to the Small-scale Testing and Modelling Workshop

January 2000
Dr Michael W. Sharp (Energetic Materials) , Patrick Touzé (Detonics and Terminal Ballistics)

The NIMIC has organised a workshop under the title "Small-scale Testing and Modelling". This is due to be held at the Four Points Hotel, Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA from the 24th to 28th January 2000. The main objective is to bring experts in the testing and modelling communities together to discuss how small- scale tests and models can be applied and developed to assist in the hazard assessment of munitions. Therefore, the goal has been defined as “To improve the understanding of the mechanisms of initiation and the prediction of the response of munitions to thermomechanical threats by using small-scale testing and modelling”. Gaining greater confidence in our ability to understand and, as a consequence, reduce the hazard associated with munitions continues to be of considerable importance to the IM community who strive towards lower vulnerability.

In preparation for the workshop, NIMIC undertook to write papers on the topics of; "Small-scale Tests and Models for the Various Stimuli", "Probing Critical Reaction and Ignition and Growth Mechanisms", "Assignment of Small-scale Tests and Models to the Hazard Assessment Protocols" and "How to Build Credible and Cost Effective IM Assessments". The purpose of these papers is not to provide answers to the questions that will be raised during the discussion, but to provide background information and reviews on pertinent areas. Brief descriptions of the papers referred to above are presented in this paper.

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