O-048 NIMIC's Approach to Threat Assessment

August 1999
Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods)

A formal methodology to conduct a threat assessment for munitions has been formalised by the NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Center (NIMIC) into the software application named THAMES or Threat Hazard Assessment MEthodology Software. This approach to performing a THA is briefly presented in this paper along with a description of the THAMES Document Information System. The approach will prove very useful to programme managers in identifying the various requirements for safety and suitability for service, Insensitive Munitions, hazard classification and vulnerability assessment. The method presented is useful as a decision-making tool to devise test plans and identify the various national and international munition documentation that may be used by munitions designers, safety and vulnerability assessors and hazard classifiers. This automated tool also provides an audit trail of the decisions that were made.

Presentation details

This paper was intended to be presented to the 17th International System Safety Conference on August 16-21, 1999, Orlando Florida