O-039 Some questions about Insensitive Munitions Definitions Assessment and Testing to Impact Stimuli

November 1997
Patrick Touzé (Detonics and Terminal Ballistics), Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods), Adrian O'Donoghue (Royal Australian Navy, temporarily attached to NIMIC)

This paper starts with some general considerations on the differences between current National and International definitions of Insensitive Munitions. A new definition is then put forward. The possible methods that can be used in order to evaluate compliance to these definitions are described. Criteria for selecting them are presented. Finally the emphasis is put on the full scale impact testing procedures relevant for IM assessments according to NATO STANAG 4439[11, namely the procedures to be used to assess response to the bullet, fragment, shaped charge jet and spa11 impact stimuli. An analysis of these procedures is provided, together with some considerations about their future evolution.

Presentation details

Paper presented at the PARARI 97 Symposium held on November 12-14, 1997 in Canberra Australia