O-030 NIMIC: From a Center of IM Information to its Involvement in Weapons Development

December 1996
Benjamin B. Stokes III (Propulsion Design), Andrew J. Sanderson (Energetic Materials) , Jason deW FitzGerald-Smith (Warhead Design), Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects), Patrick Touzé (Detonics and Terminal Ballistics)

The NATO Insensitive Munition Information Center (NIMIC) has been in operation in Brussels for about five years and now has nine NATO nations plus Australia within its membership. The NIMIC project has evolved from a repository of IM information to an analysis center where technical reports are written, software tools are prepared, munitions safety and IM questions are answered, workshops and other specialists meetings are organized and conducted, and suggestions are made to national experts to help coordinate their activities. The purpose of this paper is to describe some of the products of NIMIC over this five year period, showing how these provide the basis for a series of workshops to be conducted in 1997 on IM Testing. These NIMIC products can also benefit workers within the munitions safety and development community, from 6.1 research to 6.3 programs as well as those dealing with international programs on munitions safety and IM issues.