O-022 Guidance on Development, Assessment and Testing of Insensitive Munitions

May 1996
Jason deW FitzGerald-Smith (Warhead Design)

The aim of this paper is to support the rationale for having an IM Allied Ordnance Publication (AOP) to the IM STANAG 4439 by providing guidance to nations procuring munitions and conducting overall munition safety assessment so that:

a. Insensitive Munitions (IM) are developed

b. The resulting reactions of such munitions when exposed to credible accident conditions or hostile threats are adequately characterized and assessed.

c. The test information obtained from such characterization and assessments are suitably analysed and recorded.

This paper is concerned with the development of IM and the procedures used by nations for evaluating such munitions in order that their IM characteristics can be assessed. It is not a substitute for either safety and suitability for service or legislation and regulatory requirements, relating to the manufacture, transportation, storage and disposal of these munitions within NATO countries.

Applications:  This paper applies to all non-nuclear munitions in all phases of their lifecycle from design through service use until disposal