O-019 PAMMIS: NIMIC Achivements and Perspectives

June 1995
Patrick Kernen (Explosive Effects)

The main NIMIC achievements in the last 3 years in order to fulfil its main task "aid munition designers in developing or modifying munitions so as to have reduced vulnerability to unplanned stimuli", are described within a "Protocol-Assisted Methodology for Munition Improvement in Safety". They relate to the assessments and the scientific understanding of the threats/hazards to be considered by military users and people in charge of storage and transportation of munitions. A comprehensive database being constantly updated with the support of member nations, the design of software tools, the organization of workshops and specialists' meetings, the answers to various questions and the drafting and updating of a number of technical reports are the main tools used.

Presentation details

Paper presented at EUROPYRO 95