O-003 NIMIC: An Evolution to a Revolution

June 1992
Duane Blue (NAWCWPNS) (NIMIC NFPO) , Ed Daugherty (Pilot NIMIC Project Manager) , Marc Défourneaux (Project Manager) , Benjamin B. Stokes III (Propulsion Design)

The NATO Insensitive Munitions Information Center (NIMIC) began operations in NATO Headquarters, Brussels, in May 1991 following a 3-year pilot phase. NIMIC is the NATO focal point for insensitive munitions (IM) and is structured as an analysis center with the personnel and supporting data base to approach IM problems from both item-specific and systems standpoints. NIMIC also presents a vehicle for sponsoring workshops and coordinating collaborative programs among its member nations. The synergism generated through use of NIMIC offers potential for a revolutionary impact on weapons design approaches through broader nation/industry teaming efforts to achieve IM and safety objectives. This paper describes NIMIC structure and operation, presents near- and long-tem goals, and details the process for submitting and obtaining information and analyses. It also discusses the benefits of participation for both government and industry.