L-255 Instrumentation Techniques Velocity of Detonation

February 2020
Lucas Caylar (ENSTA BRETAGNE, MSIAC), Christelle Collet (MSIAC)

Detonation properties are part of the performance requirements for any explosive material. They include the density, the detonation pressure and the velocity of detonation (VoD). However, it generally appears that only experimental data on density and VoD are reported in the literature as there is a direct relationship linking the detonation pressure and VoD, and also because the detonation pressure is much less easy to obtain experimentally.

The VoD is considered as one piece of evidence indicating the reaction of an energetic material in detonation mode as opposed to a combustion or a deflagration. This is why VoD is also part of the list of safety tests required for Hazard Classification (HC) purposes.

A review of existing instrumentation techniques for VoD was undertaken by MSIAC. Through this review, it can be seen that the experimental techniques to determine the VoD are numerous and there is no single technique which fits all purposes. It can then be tricky for an end-user to select the most appropriate technique. This document provides information and guidance on obtaining more accurate and precise VoD results, and selecting the most appropriate technique to do so.

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