L-251 Conclusions From The MSIAC Technical Meeting On EM Qualification

July 2020
Dr Matthew Andrews (Energetic Materials TSO, MSIAC), Christelle Collet (Propulsion Technology TSO, MSIAC)
The qualification process of energetic materials (EM) is a mandatory step in the development and production of energetic materials for military use. The aim of this process is to ensure that the energetic material is suitable for its intended role in order to be accepted for military use.
organised a two and a half day Technical Meeting on Energetic Material Qualification to discuss the major issues among the nations. The meeting was held in DGA Land Systems, in Bourges, France, on 18th - 20th of June, 2019.
The outcomes from both the technical meeting and a survey provided a better understanding of the nations qualification processes, concerns and issues. Proposals were generated to better share the EM qualification data. Concepts for improving confidence in qualification data were discussed. Finally processes and methods were proposed to improve the sharing of technical data between the nations.

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