L-249 Mitigation Techniques for Small Calibre Munitions and Flares

January 2021
Aurihona WOLFF (ENSTA Bretagne), Christelle COLLET (NATO MSIAC)

The present report represents a contributing effort to the continuous MSIAC watch on mitigation technologies for munitions systems against IM threats and safety hazards. Despite the numerous MSIAC publications released since the beginning of the 1990’s on this topic, small calibre munitions and flares have not been researched in any detail. This report aims to fill this gap by detailing mitigation techniques applying to small calibre munitions and flares against IM threats (bullet impact, fragment impact, slow heating, fast heating, shaped charge jet, and sympathetic reaction) and safety hazards (electrostatic discharge, heat, friction; and shocks/ impacts). The mitigation techniques that have been found in this review relate to the categories that are used in the MSIAC database on Mitigation Techniques for Munitions (MTM): energetic material, system design, or packaging.


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