L-245 Resonant Acoustic Mixing Applied to Energetic Material

May 2019
Aurihona Wolff (ENSTA Bretagne, MSIAC), Matthew Andrews (MSIAC), Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
Resonant Acoustic Mixing (RAM) is an innovative process that provides a homogeneous distributive mixing in a short period of time. RAM is based on the resonance of a platform on which the mix vessel rests.
In this paper, the functioning of Resodyn’s RAM will be elaborated. This paper also aims to summarize the different parameters that have to be taken into account for the establishing of the mixing regime and the scale-up process of: solid-solid, solid-liquid and liquid-gas mixings. Different innovation paths will be presented such as Continuous Acoustic Mixing (CAM), Clean in Place (CIP) and Chemical Acoustic Reactor (CAR). Finally, a table will introduce the different organizations involved in the development of RAM and their research advances.

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