L-199 Compendium of Mitigation Technologies for Rocket Motors

July 2018
Maud CHENEAU (ENSTA Bretagne), Emmanuel SCHULTZ (MSIAC)

One of the challenges related to munitions safety is to make munitions insensitive to external stimuli (heating, operational threats, etc.) To reduce the violence of response of munitions to Insensitive Munitions threats, several mitigation technologies are used. During the last decades, numerous studies have been carried out and systems have been designed to cope with these threats. This document focuses on mitigation technologies for rocket motors. It provides an overview of the main mitigation families: e.g. intumescent coatings, casing components, barriers, venting devices and active mitigation systems. A review of the applicability of the draft policy on active and passive mitigation to the existing technologies available for rocket motors is also provided.

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