L-186 MSIAC Final Report on the 2014 Shaped Charge Jet Workshop

April 2015
Manfred Becker (Warhead Technology), Dr Matthew Andrews (Energetic Materials), Emmanuel Schultz (Propulsion Technology), Dr Michael Sharp (Project Manager)

MSIAC hosted a Shaped Charge Jet (SCJ) workshop 12 -15 May 2014 at the ENSTA Bretagne campus in Brest, France. This 3 ½ day workshop involved 61 participants from 8 Nations to focus on the threat posed by SCJs on our munitions. The workshop was designed with dual complementary objectives: to increase participants’ scientific understanding and to propose improvement to the NATO test standard, STANAG 4526.

This Unclassified workshop was open at no cost to Government, Industry and Academia representatives from all MSIAC member nations as well as South Korea as they had initiated efforts to join MSIAC. A copy of the meeting announcement is attached in Appendix A.

MSIAC organized this workshop to facilitate discussions. During this week, four separate working groups were created to address unique topics in support of the overall objectives. The working group on Detonics and Response mechanisms formed to discuss SCJ threat and response mechanisms; technical viewpoints from the international community on the threat, characterization of jet, its initiation of the energetic materials, and munition system response. The Small Scale Tests (SST) and Predictors group formed to provide a summary of current practices within nations, compare and contrast SST, and develop an understanding of their mechanisms and their relationship to STANAG 4526. The IM Modelling group formed to summarise current approaches, capabilities, limitations, requirements, and potential inter-relationship to the current IM assessment for SCJ. And finally, the Testing and Test Set Up group formed to share best practice in this area, highlight difficulties or deficiencies (in general, or for specific configuration / munitions) and to clarify the STANAG where necessary.

Results and recommendations from each of the break out sessions were then briefed out in the final session.

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