L-183 MSIAC IM Technology GAPS Workshop – Output from the Rocket Motor Technology Discussion Group

January 2014
Dr Michael W. Sharp (Project Manager)

The first task was to agree the objectives of the group and how the discussion was to be structured. This was quickly achieved and the top level goal for this group was agreed as follows: To address IM Technology deficiencies for rocket motors by highlighting technology gaps and hindrances, and developing recommendations. The discussions will be focussed on addressing the current operational threats: Fragment Impact, Shaped Charge Jet, and IED EFP.

In order to achieve this goal a number of questions or discussion topics were put together by the session chair and secretary prior to the meeting; Guidance on the scope was also given which was mainly directed by the output of a pre-workshop meeting held in Tucson May 2009. In particular, the threats to be discussed were those deemed to be of operational significance.The group was provided with two additional presentations that could not be accommodated within the Plenary session. Before starting detailed discussion, it was agree that it would be useful to agree a baseline legacy IM signature for different types of rocket motor.


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