L-178 Insensitive Explosive Materials: VIII - 1,1-Diamino-2,2 Dinitroethylene, DADNE

November 2012
Ernst-Christian Koch (Energetic Materials)

This report summarizes theoretical and experimental data on the insensitive explosive 1,1-Diamino-2,2-dinitroethylene, DADNE, FOX-7, C2H4N4O4.
This report will exclusively summarize findings reported after 2007.
For an unbiased introduction to DADNE synthesis and properties the reader is referred to the papers by Bellamy (2007)[6], Lochert (2001)[5] and Dorsett (2000)[4].
The title compound offers high density, r = 1.907 g cm-3. Its ARC-onset = 225°C. DADNE is about as powerful as RDX although its Gurney energy is lower. It has a calculated detonation velocity at TMD of 8965 m s-1 and a detonation pressure of 35.11 GPa. The detonation temperature is 3549 K. DADNE is currently explored for insensitive booster charges. 43 references gathered from the public domain are given.
For part VII. Insensitive Explosive Materials see Ref. [44].