L-175 Insensitive Explosive Materials: VII - Guanylurea Dinitramide GUDN

November 2011
Ernst-Christian Koch (Energetic Materials)

This report summarizes theoretical and experimental data on the insensitive explosive guanylurea dinitramide, GUDN, FOX-12, C2H7N7O5. The title compound offers moderate density, r = 1.760 g cm-3. Its thermal stability ranges between ADN and RDX (ARC-onset = 165°C). GUDN is about as powerful as similar dense nitroguanidine. It has a calculated detonation velocity at TMD of 8235 ms-1 and a detonation pressure of 25.89 GPa. The detonation temperature is 2887 K. So far GUDN is used in combined insensitive and low erosion gun propellants, airbag propellants and it is currently explored for very insensitive cast charges in which it is blended with TNT. Thirty three references from the public domain are provided.
For part VI: Insensitive Explosive Materials, see Ref. [34].