L-172 Rev Insensitive Explosive Materials: III - 2,3' - Diamino-4,4' - Azoxyfurazan - DAAF

July 2011
Dr Ernst-Christian Koch (Energetic Materials)

This report summarizes theoretical and experimental data on the insensitive explosive 3,3’-diamino-4,4’-azoxyfurazan, DAAF, C4H4N8O3.
The title compound offers moderate density, rho = 1.747 g cm-3, and high thermal stability (DSC-onset = 249°C) and is more powerful than similar dense HNS. It derives most of his energy from the high positive enthalpy of formation (444 kJ mol-1) that compensates for its average density. It has a calculated detonation velocity at TMD of 8240 ms-1 and a detonation pressure of 29.35 GPa. The detonation temperature is 3967 K. So far DAAF is mainly explored as insensitive booster explosive. 25 references gathered from the public domain are given.
For part II. Insensitive Explosive Materials see Ref. [26].