L-170 Bullet Impact Results Database (BIRD) Version 1.4 User Guide

January 2011
Dr. Pierre-François Péron (Warhead Technology)

The Bullet Impact Results Database (BIRD) gathers information related to Bullet Impact (BI) test results. It has been developed in electronic format under Excel2003 to ease its use and take advantage of Excel search features.

The main goals of the BIRD database are:

  • to provide scientists and engineers with a tool, which is easy to use and update. It can be used to compare fragment impact response of various formulations and/or to assess the effect of various variables on response such as fragment shape, orientation or obliquity, target confinement, etc;
  • to provide modelers with a flexible research tool containing data required to validate models and including references;
  • to provide data on systems response to bullet attack;
  • to provide the IM community with a tool from which statistics can be derived (based on the number of test results for the different reaction types) in order to increase the confidence in the test results.

The present document describes the database content.