L-150 MSIAC Self-Audit Procedure of IM/HC Test Organizations' Competences and Capabilities Edition 4

April 2022
Christelle Collet (MSIAC)
The MSIAC self-audit procedure provides IM/HC test organizations with a useful tool for assessing their capabilities and competences in conducting IM/HC tests. It helps address the mutual need for munition developers and IM/HC test organizations to have a common understanding on the way IM/HC tests are conducted.
The fourth edition of the MSIAC self-audit procedure of IM/HC test organizations’ competences and capabilities includes two different elements: 1) the present document that details the self-audit procedure and provides guidance on how to conduct it and 2) an Excel spreadsheet including different questionnaires that aim to demonstrate the ability for the IM/HC test organization to fulfil the requirements and recommendations of the NATO and UN standardized test procedures related to IM/HC testing.
This fourth edition is based on the recently released AOP-39 Edition D Version 1 and AOP 39.1 Edition A Version 1, as well as on the latest editions of the suite of IM test AOPs (Edition A Version 2).

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