L-149 Sympathetic Reaction (SYR) Database Version 1.2 User Guide

December 2008
Dr Pierre-François Péron (Warhead Technology)

The Sympathetic Reaction Database (SYR) contains information related to sympathetic reaction (SR) test results. In order to be as user friendly as possible, it was decided to develop the database under Excel. This would enable future users to populate themselves the database with their own data and to use the graphic resources of Excel.
The database has been developed in Excel2003 and runs on a personal computer in the Microsoft Windows environment (95/98/Millenium/NT/XP/Vista). Its main goals are:

  • to provide scientists and engineers with a tool easy to use and to update. It can be used to compare SR response of various formulations and/or to assess the effect of various parameters such as distance between munitions, mitigation thickness or shape, etc;
  • to provide modelers with a flexible research tool containing data required to validate models and including references;
  • to provide data on systems response to sympathetic reaction.

The present document describes the different sections of the database and explains how to carry out quick searches.