L-146 Ed2 HEAT Version 1.0 Fast & Slow Cook Off Database User's Manual

December 2009
Pierre Archambault (Propulsion Technology)

The Fast & Slow Cook Off Database (HEAT) contains slow and fast heating test data. It has been developed to provide:

- Scientists and engineers with a tool, which is easy to use and update. It can be used to compare the response to thermal threats of various munitions/munitions components and/or to assess the impact of the various variables such as energetic materials, mitigation devices, munitions design, munitions configurations, etc.

- The IM community with a tool which can help increase confidence in test results by providing the results of similar tests. Indeed, differences in explosive composition, purity and particle size, or differences due to variations in the charge preparation, such as explosive casting or settling temperature during cooling and compaction of the charge when pressed, exist from manufacturer to manufacturer and from lot to lot even if procured from a single source of supply. These differences are probably responsible for some deviations in test results. The more data on a single configuration, the more confident we are in the test results and the model validated with these results.

MSIAC did its best to include as many test arrangement details as possible. Unfortunately, test arrangements are not described in very much detail in the various testing procedures such as the STANAGs. Therefore, tests are carried out in different conditions. Frequently these details are not available but rather they are reported as: "Testing was carried out according to procedure such or such". Accordingly it might be difficult to accurately compare data reported in HEAT and caution should be exercised when carrying out comparisons.