L-143 Synthesis Report. NATO Activities Related to Munitions Safety and Standardization and Munitions Safety and Standardization (MSAS) Database

July 2008
Vebjörn Hanssen (NO) Bo Stokes Fellow

This report covers NATO standardization activities related to Munitions and Munitions Safety. By making standards easily available, this report and the MSAS database will hopefully help users understand who is doing what and how the various standards fit together, and will also help users implement these standards.

A second goal is to help NATO bodies whose responsibilities include aspects of munitions and munitions safety to see all groups/working groups' responsibilities and which standards each group is responsible for.

Knowledge of relevant munitions and munitions safety, NATO STANAGs, APs, other relevant munitions standards (international and national) and international treaties will help achieve munitions interoperability and interchangeability, and will have impact on munitions safety and reliability.

This report and the MSAS database are to the best of our knowledge up to date as of July 2008, and of course cannot be expected to reflect changes that will take place after this date.