L-139 TEMPER v2.2 - User's Manual Edition 2

May 2011
Emmanuel Lapébie and Pierre-François Péron

This document describes the development of the TEMPER tool from Version 1.0 to version
2.2. Many improvements have been made since TEMPER v1.0:

In TEMPER v2.0

  • Complete reworking of the "object" structure;
  • Improvement of the man-machine interface (materials editor, help, options,
    contributors etc);
  • Incorporation of new objects and models (including a 1D code – GODLAG);
  • Automatic optimization of model parameters.

In TEMPER v2.2

  • Incorporation of new objects and models:
    • Conical fragment to simulate the NATO fragment defined in STANAG 4496
      for IM testing;
    • Modified Jacob-Roslund for covered explosives that is validated for a larger
      range of cover thicknesses compared to the original Jacob-Roslund model
      and that only requires one parameter;
    • SANDI;
  • Modelling of mitigation extended to cylindrical, conical and parallelepid fragments
    (only spherical and shaped charges in TEMPER v2.0).

TEMPER is being developed in partnership with NATO MSIAC. Work at the Gramat
Research Centre falls under PEA 03.34.01, with TEMPER as the tool to federate security
enhancement/vulnerability models.

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