L-134 Minutes from the Analysis and Modeling Working Group Meeting - Part 2

September 2006
Eric Deschambault (Munitions Logistics - Transport and Storage)

The 2nd Analysis and Modeling Working Group (WG) meeting was held on 25 August 2006, immediately following the DoD Explosives Safety Seminar. This meeting, which was held at the Downtown Marriott in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, was coordinated by the NATO Munitions Safety Information Analysis Center (MSIAC) and was sponsored by the DoD Explosives Safety Board (DDESB).

The intent of this meeting was to follow-up on work that was accomplished by the first Modeling WG at the NATO Debris Data, Analysis, and Modeling Workshop held in Brussels, Belgium during 7-9 February 2006. The proceedings from that Workshop are available from MSIAC in Limited Report L-123, Minutes of the Workshop on Debris Data, Analysis, and Modeling, dated 16 February 2006. Each attendee to the Workshop received the minutes on a CD, which included all the presentations. Others can request the L-123 CD by e-mailing info@msiac.nato.int and requesting a copy.

Because of insufficient time to complete their work, the Modeling WG felt that it would be useful to continue the discussions begun during the February Workshop at another meeting. Having this second meeting held in conjunction with the DoD Explosives Safety Seminar appeared to make sense as many of the participants from the Modeling WG could be expected to be at the August 2006 DoD Explosives Safety Seminar. When presented with the proposal for this second meeting, AC/326 Sub-Groups (SG) 5 and 6 agreed and subsequently asked MSIAC to coordinate the 2nd Analysis and Modeling Meeting to be held on the 25th of August following the Seminar.