L-133 Suggestions for Harmonisation of AC/326 and UN Explosive Substance Tests

October 2006
Richard Bouma (TNO, NL) , Duncan Watt (Energetic Materials)

This document provides a summary of the technical comparison made between various AC/326 SG1 and UN substance tests for energetic materials. The goal of this work is to assist with the harmonisation efforts for these substance tests. Harmonisation is likely to reduce the unnecessary duplication of testing (and requirements for test assets) to satisfy multiple (safety) test regime requirements; e.g., Hazard Classification, Qualification, Safety, and IM. In this report comparisons and recommendation have been provided for both AC/326-SG1 and SG5 to assist with the harmonisation of the following testing protocols:

  • UN Test 3(b)(i) BAM friction apparatus with STANAG 4487 BAM Friction Machine
  • UN Test 3(b)(ii) Rotary friction test - STANAG 4487 Rotary friction test
  • UN Test 3(a)(ii) BAM Fallhammer - STANAG 4489 BAM Impact Machine
  • UN Test 3(a)(iii) Rotter test - STANAG 4489 Rotter Impact Machine
  • UN Test 7(b) EIDS gap test - STANAG 4488 Expanded Large Scale Gap Test
  • UN Test 7(e) EIDS external fire test - STANAG 4491: Tube Test (FCO)
  • UN Test 7(f) EIDS slow cook-off test - STANAG 4491: Tube Test (SCO)