L-124 Rapid IM Prioritisation methodology

January 2006
Ian J. Powell (Mitigation Methods) , Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology)

The methodology described in this report provides a simple but effective way to generate a rapid assessment of vulnerability of munition stockpiles whether in magazines or platforms. The results of the assessment allow the user to determine where the highest payoffs are for reducing the vulnerability of the munitions stockpiles and associated platforms and thus the priorisation for IM insertion.

The methodology developed by MSIAC utilises:

  • The relative probability of each stimuli occurring;
  • The IM signature of the system;
  • The maximum possible explosive event (MEE);
  • The relative event size (RES).

The first two are factored together to generate an IM rating (IMR) (i.e. a measure of the degree of compliance for each munition). The last two are used to provide a prioritization assessment by considering how the IMR affects the associated asset(s) (i.e. anywhere where there is a concentration of munitions may it be a munition stockpile, deep storage magazines, field storage magazines, platforms).

To illustrate how this asset vulnerability oriented methodology works, the assessment of the prioritization of the munitions of a hypothetical frigate-sized warship is presented.