L-121 Minutes of the IM Ageing Meeting held in Melbourne, Australia on 7 November 2005

February 2006
Eric Deschambault (Munitions Logistics - Transport and Storage), Duncan Watt (Energetic Materials)

The MSIAC Steering Committee has tasked MSIAC staff to facilitate/coordinate international efforts to answer issues related to IM ageing and the risks posed by it. A May 2005 MSIAC Ageing Workshop re-iterated the lack of knowledge about this issue and the general consensus gut feeling that ageing is not an issue for IM; however, no one nation appears to have enough technical data to prove that ageing of IM is not an issue. MSIAC can provide assistance to nations to coordinate and share data from the multitude of ongoing and new ageing programs.

A number of MSIAC nations have expressed their interest in participating in an information exchange program involving a review of historical IM ageing information and test results and a collective sharing of that data, as well as the sharing of information related to on-going and planned ageing testing.

MSIAC can assist in the development of a multi-national program to share Ageing vs. IM related information and, as necessary, assist in establishing an international technology demonstrator program (TDP) and eventual development of an agreed protocol for ageing vs. safety assessment program.

The MSIAC Steering Committee (SC) has approved a 2006-2007 work element for MSIAC staff to support an international real data sharing/analysis effort.