L-120 A review of ElectroExplosive Device Technologies

February 2006
Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology)

Electrical circuits employed in fuzes to detonate energetic materials operate over a wide range of voltages and energies depending on the system requirement. Generally, the electrical energy is stored in a capacitor and discharged through a switch into an ElectroExplosive Device (EED) of some type.

This document reviews and compare five of the technologies used in EED:

  • The bridgewire;
  • The slapper;
  • The semiconductor bridge;
  • The laser; and
  • The Z-pinch technology.

Historical, design and function information is provided. As additional information, a list of terms and definitions is provided in Annex 1, a list of contractors involved in EED is provided in Annex 2, Pros and Cons of the most commonly used detonator technologies are proposed in Annex 3, some international and national standards including the fuze one are listed in Annex 4 and finally 49 patents are listed in Annex 5.