L-110 TEMPER V1.0 (Toolbox of Engineering Models For the Prediction of Explosive Reactions) Users/Developers Manual

April 2005
Emmanuel Lapebie (DGA/CEG) , Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology)

For a long time, NIMIC has been promoting the use of modeling, protocols, small scale testing, generic testing, data on similar munitions or munitions using the same or similar EM, and expert analysis in order to aid in the prediction of munitions IMness or Safety and to increase the confidence in the result.

In order to support the use of modeling as the primary method for assessing product safety, MSIAC is in an ideal position as an Information Analysis Center to become a focal point for exchanging/sharing engineering models devoted to IM or Safety Assessment within the MSIAC member nations experts.

It is proposed to share 0D or 1D empirical or semi-empirical using a common user/developer electronic platform.

The starting common user/developer platform will be a Toolbox called TEMPER v1.0 (Toolbox of Engineering Models for the Prediction of Explosive Reactions), received from CEG (Centre dÉtudes de GRAMAT, French MoD) in September 2004. TEMPER is basically a library of models dedicated to ammunition safety. It is an open source, Object-Oriented Programming project allowing to add custom models or to enhance existing ones with a dedicated GUI (Graphic User Interface).

The main features of TEMPER are as follows:

  • Library of threats, models and parameters to run the models;
  • Direct selection of threat/mitigation/structure/model from the GUI with automatic compatibility management;
  • Ability to perform parametric or stochastic simulations by varying one or two parameters of the problem;
  • Ability to draw curves and save results using an embedded Excel workbook.