L-108 Summary of Conclusions from NIMIC Workshops (1992-2003).

September 2004
Patrick Touzé (Project Manager)

This report summarizes recommendations from the NIMIC Workshops held between 1992 and 2003. It builds up on NIMIC Report L-64, which covers the same topic. It was produced following a request from the NIMIC Steering Committee (Action 32 from the 31st NIMIC Steering Committee meeting, held on 26/27 April 2004).

It consists of 97 Recommendations, grouped under 16 topics.

Each Recommendation has its own reference number and title (in italics), and is made up of a list of relevant quotations from NIMIC Workshops reports.

These quotations do not contain the actual wording from the Workshop reports, but a summary of it. This makes the report more concise and hopefully clearer and easier to read.

The Workshop report from which a given quotation is drawn is mentioned in bold characters at the beginning of the quotation. For example, L-5, 1992, means that the quotation which follows is from the L-5 Workshop report, dated 1992.