L-100 Program Risk Reduction applied to Risk-based IM Assessment

December 2003
Frédéric Peugeot (Detonics and Ballistics) , Michael Fisher (Propulsion Technology)

This document contains a guideline for performing an assessment of the IMness of a munition throughout all phases of its development cycle. It is important to note that this document does not impose a procedure. Instead, it describes the insensitive munitions assessment process in an interactive way in order to give latitude to the reader to make his own decision on the methodology to be used. To facilitate this interaction, hyperlinks to relevant documents have been added as an easy way to access information.

This document supports the functions of three different groups of personnel involved in the materiel acquisition process, each of them being critical to the goal of successfully meeting the IM requirements:

  • Materiel acquisition program manager or its delegate, also called stakeholder or decision-maker in this document
  • IM experts review boards
  • Design, test, modelling and evaluation analysts and engineers.

This document also supports the continued growth and utilization of risk-based methods.