L-095 Insensitive Munitions Fuzes and Warheads: IM Design Technology State-of-the-Art

October 2003

NIMIC RESTRICTED - The report is restricted, the title and the abstract are unclassified, unlimited distribution

(U) Munition design (IM or not IM) is a trade-off between performance, reliability, safety and cost. The payload design is primarily dictated by the intended use of the warhead (potential operational targets to be defeated) and the required level performance against the defined targets. The research and development of the IM design technology has been pursued in accordance with the already existing payload categories and the three high explosives effects.

(U) This paper presents a review of the HE formulations, the design and mitigation techniques developed by the international IM community for warheads and fuzes. The main achievements (in terms of IM responses) gained illustrate this paper. The technology gaps are also be highlighted. Finally, an overview of the ingredients and formulations currently under investigation as possible solutions is proposed.

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