L-094 Ed2 IM Issues related to Gun Propelling Charges Design

January 2004
Frédéric Peugeot (Detonics and Ballistics) , Susan Peters, NSWCIHD, USA , Heather Gokee, NSWCIHD, USA, Ian Maxey, QinetiQ, UK , Graham Roach, QinetiQ, UK, Peter Henning, QinetiQ, UK, Peter Lee, Peter Lee Consulting, UK , Brian Isle, United Defense LP, USA, Miguel Esteban, Santa Barbara Sistemas, Spain

A NIMIC workshop, entitled IM Design Technology, sponsored by the Defence Ordnance Safety Group (DOSG, UK) in September 2003, was held in Shrivenham, UK. The aims of the workshop in respect of gun propelling charge design were:

  • To identify the key design principles/techniques that affect IM.
  • To provide an assessment of the current state of the art of the applicable technologies.
  • To compare the available technologies.
  • To Identify in-service or soon-to-be fielded technologies.
  • To identify key areas where there are gaps/shortfalls in IM technology.
  • To Identify the scope for international technology demonstrators.

This document is designed to assist in achieving these goals, by providing a review of current gun propelling charge IM design features and technologies.

This document can be considered as a review of information available in NIMIC. Additional information can be found in the USA. There are intentions in the USA to issue a document dealing with this subject and release this information to NIMIC.

Care has to be taken in making use of this Review to ensure that the solutions identified in it take into account the performance requirements and other constraints associated with the munition system of which the propelling charge is a part.