L-089 IM Assessment Methodology Workshop, Final Report

August 2002
Michael Fisher (Propulsion Technology) , Dr Peter R. Lee (Project Manager), Frédéric Peugeot (Warhead Technology), Pascal Marchandin (Warheads & Fuzes), Dr Michael W. Sharp (Engergetic Materials)

A NIMIC workshop, entitled IM Assessment Methodology, was conducted in cooperation with NATO AC/310 in March 2002, in Nettuno, Italy.

The goal of the workshop was to establish an agreed methodology for planning, conducting and reporting the IM assessment of a munition, which can be integrated into the munition acquisition cycle planning, and can be used by various nations to produce standardized assessment reports.

The workshop was conducted in two phases. Each Phase 1 discussion group evaluated a particular stage of the munition acquisition cycle to determine the tools and data available to aid the IM assessment process, and develop methodologies for their use in conducting an IM assessment. The Phase 1 groups generated flowcharts detailing the methodologies developed. The Phase 2 groups were tasked with integrating these flowcharts into an overall methodology, and developing a description of the format and content for an IM assessment dossier to report the assessment results.

Included in this document are the reports from each of the workshop discussion groups, along with a summary of group activities, output and conclusions. Also presented are NIMICs recommendations for follow-on efforts.

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