L-084 IM Signatures, Hazard Divisions and Labelling

January 2002
Pascal Marchandin (Warheads & Fuzes)

NIMIC organised a two-part workshop under the title "Assessing the Risk and the Cost Benefits associated with the Introduction of IM". The second part of the workshop entitled "Cost Benefit Analysis of the Introduction of Insensitive Munitions into Service" was held at Rimforsa Kursgård, Rimforsa, Sweden from 11th to 15th June 2001. One of the discussion groups (Group B - intrinsic benefits of Insensitive Munitions) was tasked to discuss and to make recommendations on the Hazard Division reduction for IM.

The aim of this paper is, from the outputs and recommendations made in group B, to make proposals for new Hazard Division(s) and rules, which could be used to demonstrate the intrinsic benefits IM in transport, storage and handling. This proposal should consider the need to mix different types of munitions already assigned to the same HD or to different HDs. Munitions should be assigned to these Hazard Divisions based on their IM signature. This work should also support the discussions of the Group "Labelling/Classification" (Group G) during the next NIMIC Workshop entitled "IM Assessment Methodology" (Nettuno, Italy from 4th to 8th March 2002).