L-083 The Use of Small-Scale Testing and Modelling in IM Assessment

February 2002
Dr Michael W. Sharp (Energetic Materials)

In recent years, the NIMIC has pursued the goal of encouraging the use of the results of small-scale testing and modelling in IM assessments. The main reason for introducing such data is to gain greater confidence in the ability to understand and, as a consequence, reduce the hazards associated with munitions. This continues to be of considerable importance to the IM community, striving towards reducing weapon vulnerability. Data from small-scale tests also give greater confidence in the interpretation of the results from statistically insignificant full-scale tests. In addition, reducing the requirement to conduct full-scale testing can lead to significant cost savings.

The most recent activity in this area was the holding of a workshop under the title "Small-scale Testing and Modelling". This dealt mainly with technical issues; capabilities and deficiencies in testing and modelling. The NIMIC is due to conduct a workshop in IM Assessment Methodology, Nettuno, Italy 4th - 8th March 2002. At this workshop one of the proposed discussion topics is the methodology for using small-scale testing and modelling.

This paper attempts to bring together the work previously reported in this area. It covers the need for small-scale testing and modelling, current issues and methodologies for incorporating data into IM assessments.

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