L-082 Inventory of Assessment Methodologies of Munitions Related Communities (Safety & Suitability for Service, Hazard Classification and Vulnerability/Lethality)

February 2002
Frédéric Peugeot (Detonics and Ballistics) , Michael Fisher (Propulsion Technology)

The purpose of this document is to compile an inventory of the assessment methodologies and reporting procedures presented in international or national reference publications. To preserve the relevance of this document, only publications related to communities closely associated with the Insensitive Munitions (IM) community have been addressed. As identified in AOP-39 [12] paragraph 6.5 dealing with coordination of testing requirements when preparing IM assessment plans, these communities are:

  • the safety and suitability for service of non-nuclear munitions community (S3) and two subcommunities:
    • The qualification of explosive materials for military use community (QEM)
    • The electrostatic discharge community (ESD)
  • The Hazard Classification community (HC)
  • The Lethality / Vulnerability community (V/L)