L-078 A Recent Accident involving Non-IM: PAK CHONG Accident (Thailand - 25/10/2001)

January 2002
Pascal Marchandin (Warheads & Fuzes)

This document is a summary of the accident, which occurred in Thailand in late October 2001. The information is based on press reviews made by NIMIC and interviews with Thai authorities made by media representatives.

Pak Chong (also called Korat), Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand (220 km northeast of Bangkok) in an ammunition dump - 395-acre arsenal. This warehouse was a major artillery supply base for Thailand's northeastern region.
7 of the 44 weapon stores were completely destroyed. The death toll is at 19 with 90 injured.

Date: 25 October 2001

Sources of information: CNN, Reuters, AFP, Bangkok Post (main source)

Munitions involved:

  • Anti-tank mines type 67 (HE: Comp B), landmines, bangalore torpedoes
  • Artillery shells, mortars
  • Rockets
  • Gun propellants
  • Small-arms ammunition