L-064 Issue 2 Summary of Conclusions from NIMIC Workshops (1992-2001)

November 2001
Dr Peter R. Lee (Project Manager)

The NIMIC has recognised from its inception that its regular workshops constitute a significant factor in the advancement of IM technology in the member nations. They have the virtues that experts in different aspects of IM technology can inform others of their research and participants can comment on it and bring new perspectives to it via their own experience. New understanding of the technologies has been achieved via the insights of participants and the process of the organisation, conduct and reporting of a workshop, while onerous, is regarded as of vital importance to all member nations by the NIMIC staff.

The purpose of this report is to list the workshops held previously and to summarise and comment on their outcomes. Of necessity each workshop will only be dealt with cursorily, but reference will be made to the relevant NIMIC reports, should readers wish to obtain more detailed data.