L-054 Rev Glossary of Terms

May 2004
Katy Mikolajczyk , Patrick Touzé (Project Manager)

This glossary is a compilation of existing definitions related to Insensitive Munitions or more generally to munitions safety. These definitions have been taken from 56 references and have been gathered according to a logical order, so that definitions related to the same area appear in the same paragraph. An alphabetical index also makes it possible to search for words and not only for technical areas.

It is expected that this glossary will help all groups and organizations responsible for terminology and drafting of glossaries, by making available to them a large number of existing definitions in a single document. It is also expected that this document will contribute to streamlining the technical vocabulary used in the area of munitions safety by making it possible to identify similarities, redundancies, inconsistencies in existing definitions.

Finally it is intended that this document will become a living document, which will be updated according to evolutions in terminology. If there are a sufficient number of users, it will be published in an electronic form.