L-051 Mitigation Methods for Munitions (M3)

November 1998
Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods) , NIMIC Staff

The first version of "Mitigation Methods for Munitions (M3)" was published under the title "Ways and Methods to Insensitive Munitions - IM recipes". The aim of this second edition is still to describe the state of the art with regard to less sensitive storage configurations and insensitive munitions design methods. For each chapter, the generic threats or hazards were considered, i.e. impacts, heating, electrostatic discharge, prevention of catastrophic pressure build-up. The compendium is organized in 2 main chapters: Chapter A (Storage, Containers, Buffers, Attenuators) and Chapter B (Munitions, excluding EMs)

Within each chapter, datasheets were drafted to describe the advantages, drawbacks, restrictions in use, availability of the general design method advocated. Some were rather comprehensive and others nearly void of examples. Examples were retrieved from the open literature or technical reports, sometimes classified, including activities not related to defense or munitions in order to benefit from any possible synergism. However, this document is incomplete. Although efforts are being devoted to mitigation techniques, most of the information is classified or proprietory hence it is difficult to obtain.

The Insensitive Munitions Technology Symposium held in March 1996 was a golden opportunity to meet with some of the users of the document. Fifteen attendees gave their views on what they expected for this 2nd version. As a result of this meeting, the name of the compendium was changed to "Mitigation Methods for Munitions (M3)" as a more accurate reflection of the aim of this compendium. It was also felt that the compendium would be more useful if it were available either on diskettes or on CD-ROM. However, this goal could not be achieved for the release of Edition 2 but work is in progress to develop the M3 Compendium into a database which will be available electronically (2000/2001).

The second Edition is presented in the same format as the first Edition. One major change however in that Section C on energetic substances has been eliminated. The information on energetic materials will be published in the NIMIC Energetics Materials Compendium. You will notice that some examples will bear the mention "Classified" or "Removed". The Master Copy of Edition 2 is a "NIMIC EYES ONLY" document which contains information from classified sources. The classified and obsolescent information has been removed from the copy which is being distributed to NIMIC Nations.


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