L-050 THAMES User Group (TUG 98) Proceedings of a Workshop held at TNO, Rijswijk, The Netherlands on 7-11 September 1998

November 1998
Jason deW FitzGerald-Smith (Warhead Design) , Rodrigue Boulay (Mitigation Methods)

This report covers the proceedings of the NIMIC THAMES User Group (TUG 98) Workshop held at TNO, Prins Maurits Laboratory, Rijkswijk, The Netherlands on 7-11 September 1998. Approximately 20 key users from FR, NL, NO, UK and USA, involved in the development of a Windows version of THAMES, participated and were invited to verify and validate a Beta version of the THAMES 3.0 Windows software prior to its release to the NIMIC nations. Annexes A and B of this report provides the results, conclusions and recommendations from the two groups who addressed the two main topics of the Workshop. Database validation and document mapping, and the software verification and validation. Annex C of the report presents proposals on how risk and hazard assessment can be incorporated into THAMES.