L-044 IM TESTING Volume III: Presentations made at Phase II of the NIMIC IM Testing Workshop held 17-21 November 1997 at DSTO, Adelaide, Australia

January 1998

In the interest of providing immediate information resulting from Phase II of this Workshop, NIMIC has prepared Volume III of the IM Testing Workshop Report, covering Bullet Impact, Fragment Impact, Shaped Charge Jet Impact, Spall Impact as well as some considerations on Spigot Impact.

This volume is the third in a series of five volumes addressing the NIMIC Workshop on IM Testing. Volumes I and II reported on Phase I of the Workshop covering IM Testing of Fast Heating, Slow Heating and Sympathetic Reaction. Volume III contains copies of the presentations made during the plenary session of Phase II of the Workshop dealing with Bullet Impact, Fragment Impact and Shaped Charge Jet Impact held on 17-21 November 1997. It also includes a List of Participants.

Volume IV will follow and will include the detailed discussions and conclusions of Phase II working groups along with an Executive Summary. Volume V will contain a synopsis of the overall results from both Phases of the IM Testing Workshop.